Control Compression Facial Shape Enhancer
Control Compression Facial Shape Enhancer

Control Compression Facial Shape Enhancer

The Facial Shape Enhancer is for those who are looking to safely sculpt and contour the face, tighten loose skin and enhance their jawline. The Facial Shape Enhancer is perfect for those who have undergone a cosmetic surgery on their ears or face, which may also affect the neck. It helps to keep the skin taut for optimal recovery. It is specially handpicked out of the Cosmetic Compression Line from Plié Brazil. 

Benefits of Facial Shape Enhancer:

  • The Facial Shape Enhancer is perfect to protect this area and achieve optimal recovery.
  • Helps to enhance the jawline and facial contours. 
  • Hydrophilic treatment so that the skin breathes perfectly. 
  • Face sculpting and tightening. 
  • Made with nylon 6.6 thread from NILIT©. 
  • The nylon 6.6 thread offers breathability, thermoregulation, comfort, durability, anti-odor, safe and effective. 
  • Suitable to wear while sleeping. 
  • Elasticity of up to 12 centimeters and 100% memory. 
  • Color: Linen = Base 

Product code: 50901

Color Linen

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