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Stephanie Wong

I have started wearing it after my confinement which is one month after delivery. I wear it almost everyday for 6 hours and above. I would say Emana Leggings play an important role on the recovery of my scar due to caesarean birth method. It provides great compression all the way from waist to legs and it gives me the right support I need while I take care of my baby.


I've wore the Maternity High Waist Leggings for about 2 months. I loved to wear it every occasion especially when I go for a walk outside and shopping. Although I didn't put so much weight during my pregnancy, I felt my bump was so huge that I needed to put my hands on the bottom of the bump and hold it in place sometimes. With Maternity HW Leggings on, I could feel more comfortable walking around as it has the bump support and also great compression on my legs which sometime I got cramps due to poor blood circulation.

Filza Ong

Maternity Shorts! Love it so much! cause it’s great support for a growing belly, great for those who experience swelling and a great fashion piece.