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Humarap - Daphne Iking

Humarap is an NGI by Daphne Iking that helps stateless mothers and babies in Sabah, sometimes the babies don’t have anything else to drink except condensed milk.

Everyone’s fighting their own fight. But amidst this challenging Covid situation, some people are fighting their most basic need - to eat. Many communities in Sabah right now are not able to provide for their families. 

Many babies and children are sick due to malnutrition. A lot of children are infected by the virus. Milk plays an important role for them to be healthy and fight covid. It is an essential product. Not every mother can breastfeed while they have about 3 to 4 kids around the same age.

Plie Malaysia is honored to be teaming up with Daphne Iking to help the community and raise awareness on this. This Ramadhan, help fill someone else’s bowl by giving back to society. You can do your part by using the code PLIEXDAPHNE to get RM30 off your purchase and RM20 will be donated to Humarap.

Check Daphne working out in her Emana Leggings:

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