The Story of Pliē

Pliē is from Brazil and it was established in 1998 by the Highstil Group in São Paulo. The promise was to develop smooth, sensual, seam-free lingerie for today’s modern, dynamic women. We at Pliē Malaysia, would like to take you on a little virtual tour to the origins of our brand (and yes, all products that you see on our store is shipped directly from Brazil)

Today, Plie Shapewear and Lingerie is still 100% Brazilian designed and created. Plié is a luxury body shapewear and compression originated made and design from Brazil.⁠⁠

Trusted by millions of woman in more than 60 countries by creating innovative shapewear, combining technology, maximum comfort and style without squeezing or marking.⁠⁠

⁠⁠The entire process from the production of the fabric to dying and then sewing of Plie’s Shapewear is made with the utmost care and with high quality premium materials. It is well-researched, highly developed and designed from Brazil for us to bring to you!

Check out the video to see the meticulous process of how Plie is brought to you here or check out our bestselling collection, Emana series.