From Pregnancy to Postpartum- Pliē's got your back!

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If there’s anything we want as mums, it’s to feel empowered and supported from pregnancy through postpartum. 

Filza Ong in Pliē Maternity High Waist Shorts

From the moment we find out we’re pregnant, pure excitement and joy flood us. But as time passes, you can’t deny the growing anxiety about what will happen, what will change. Will we make good mums? How do we best prepare ourselves for birth and beyond?

Being mums ourselves, at Pliē we want mums to be supported in this daunting but special chapter of life. And we do this through our innovative lingerie. 

Can Pliē lingerie make a difference?

But, how do lingerie and leggings help you may ask? Can they really make a difference?

Our answer is a resounding yes! Much like how you may dress up to feel good for a party, what you wear can have a direct effect on how you feel and think about yourself. 

Ezzati in Pliē Maternity High Waist Leggings

Our products are designed to support women and to help them live more confidently, more freely, more comfortably in their own skin. 

But there’s more. The benefits aren’t just psychological, there are many proven physical benefits too. 

Come along as we walk through how Pliē supports women in pregnancy and postpartum and beyond. 


Pliē in pregnancy

We talk a lot about the pregnancy glow. Some women develop great skin, full hair and just feel wonderful as an expectant mum. 

But the truth is, most of us will encounter some of the harder parts of pregnancy. This includes morning or all day sickness, bloating, mood swings, water retention and backaches. 

Honestly, it’s a struggle to feel good and confident when we’re battling aches or constant discomfort. 

Here’s where Pliē maternity comes in. 

Pliē Maternity 

Our maternity range is designed to help you enjoy every pregnancy moment. 

Remember those aches and discomforts we mentioned? Our pieces are engineered to hold up your belly and strengthen your back to minimize aches and promote overall wellness. Made with expectant mums in mind, they are comfortable enough for daily wear providing the necessary support throughout each stage of pregnancy- from when baby is the size of a sesame seed to a proper watermelon. 

The benefits for the maternity and wellness range are multiple- reducing back pain, swelling and discomfort and promoting a healthy and comfortable pregnancy. 

Our most popular items include our maternity shorts and leggings. The shorts are generally worn as undergarments, whereas the leggings are used for casual wear. They’re both made from high quality materials, help regulate body temperature (hot flushes anyone?), minimise aches and pains and are suitable for daily use.

 There’s also a wellness range that targets expecting mums who enjoy a good yoga session or a general workout- we see you active mums! These items are made with a Nilit duomix fabric making it ideal for comfortable, supported and safe exercise sessions. 

While the products may differ in function, all of them have the same benefits:

  • Provide support for growing bellies
  • Reduced back pain and discomfort 
  • Prevent excessive weight gain during pregnancy
  • Minimize the appearance of stretchmarks
  • Comfortable for long hours
  • Improved blood flow
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Seamless and minimal exposure of shapewear line under clothes
  • Butt lift technology


Ezzati in Pliē Maternity High Waist Shorts right after birth

Finally, the maternity series are great to use even during postpartum recovery. They continue to support the belly, reduce pain and promote overall wellness. 


Plie for postpartum care

People often say that postpartum care is super important. We cannot agree more. The body goes through immense changes in pregnancy and birth and those months after are crucial to a mum’s health and wellness. 

Once again Plie’s got your back with our outstanding Emana series. 


Arifah using Pliē Emana High Waist Leggings while multi-tasking

Emana gives you that extra boost and support so you can worry about the other things you’ve got going on.


Emana series

We still remember those few months post delivery, looking ourselves in the mirror and learning to come to grips with our new mum bods. But it’s not just about celebrating our new fullness, it’s about getting the support we need to grow into the strong and brave mums we were meant to be- for our kids and for ourselves.

This is why our best-selling Emana® products are essential. Made with postpartum mums in mind, Emana® doesn’t just provide instant shaping- it promotes overall strength in your recovery. Comfortable for wearing night or day, it helps with blood circulation, boosts metabolism and burns calories. Yes, have that well-deserved piece of cake guilt-free!

Joan in Pliē Emana High Waisted Leggings


But how does it works? And what’s so unique?

Emana® is unique because of its properties. It’s the only fabric with bioactive crystals embedded in it. The crystals respond to your body heat by emitting Infrared Rays which stimulates blood circulation. This leads to better skin and general health- something we all could use. 

But it doesn’t stop there. Emana® can be used through postpartum and beyond. Now that you have a little one, you’ll find yourself doing lots bending, lifting and carrying. Emana® works with you to improve your posture and strengthen your lower back. If you’ve spoken to older mums, they will tell you how at risk we are to back strains (ouch!) and how important it is to prevent it. 

There’s also the benefit of reduced period pains and more regular periods. After months of not having to deal with periods, there will come a time for most of us when those yucky cramps and aches show up again. Well, our Emana® leggings and shorts are perfect for relieving those discomforts so that you can go on being the boss mum that you know you are.

It’s clear that the Emana® line is pretty special and purchasing it isn’t the same as buying just another pair of leggings. Rest assured that these products are made to last. It’s an investment that will benefit you in that crucial postpartum period but also beyond. 

From pregnancy to postpartum and beyond- we at Pliē are glad to have your back. 

Filza in Pliē Emana High Waist Shorts

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