About Us

About Us

Plié was founded in Brazil almost 20 years ago and was created with the purpose of bringing more confidence, comfort and femininity to women of all shapes and sizes. Plié products are developed and created in Brazil, combining technology and fashion, to make the perfect base under-clothing; now being expanded to include outer-wear.


The right product has the power to support, enhance or even turn a problem into a solution, giving you a feeling of well-being and confidence. When we feel good about our own body we feel better about ourselves.


Adeline, the founder of Plié Malaysia, discovered Plié maternity wear as an expectant mother and fell in love with it. Wearing the Maternity and Wellness line during pregnancy, she felt there were far fewer aches and pains with greater support for her belly! After giving birth, Adeline continued to wear the Maternity line throughout the healing process, moving to the Emana range for help with compression, blood circulation and support for her belly and back. She felt that there was no other available product that provided these benefits and decided to bring them to Malaysia.


We are women who are in love with Plié, we vary in shape, size and background yet Plié has something for all of us. Plié has helped all of us to feel more confident, comfortable and secure in ourselves and we want to share that with you.  We want Plié Malaysia to be a home for women to come together, to share and to build each other up.


Devoted to women. Respecting Your Curves. 

 Love, AdelineC