The Angels Initiative

Where businesses and charity run as ONE

The Angels Initiative
is a combined effort by several companies to create a sustainable program by assisting businesses to help beneficiaries through monetary means and providing them support to help them get back on their feet. 

The mission here is to provide a healthy ecosystem for businesses and beneficiaries in a continuous loop of kindness. As businesses gain through the program’s exposure and combined marketing efforts, monetary & support assistance will be channelled to people in need; through Hunger Hurts (Our Charity Partner).

The Angels Initiative aims to offer not only immediate assistance; but also instilling hope & providing opportunities during the pandemic & post-pandemic by creating a platform for businesses to give back to those in need. We focus on teamwork and combined strength to help rebuild Malaysia and the people most affected by the global pandemic situation.

Plié Malaysia will be involved in The Angels Initiative project to provide support and help the community. You can do your part by using the code PLIEANGELS to get RM20 off your purchase and RM30 will be donated to Hunger Hurts

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"HOPE will help us get through the darkest of times.
OPPORTUNITY is the path that will get us there"

*Code is applicable from 15th August 2021 onwards. Only one code can be used per transaction*