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Emana High Waist Leggings - Black
Emana High Waist Leggings
Emana High Waist Leggings
Emana High Waist Leggings
Emana High Waist Leggings

Emana High Waist Leggings

Fundamental piece to wear all day, everyday. In addition to instant shaping comfort and support, Emana® fabric combined with physical activity helps keep your skin healthy by reducing the signs of cellulite and reduction of fat mass, boosts your metabolism and helps to burn calories.

Benefits of ️Emana® High Waist Compression leggings
  • Tummy Tuck Technology and High waisted with double band silicone for greater coverage and support
  • Boosts metabolism and helps to burn calories
  • Butt lifting and shaping
  • Reduces body measurements and highlights waist lines.
  • Improves posture and supports your lumbar region.
  • Double fabric finish for better compression.
  • Helps improve blood flow and prevents Deep Vein Thrombosis.
  • Improves period pain and irregular periods.
  • Ultra soft and breathable to wear night and day!
  • Hydrophilic treatment for the skin to breathe freely and keep skin dry
  • Color: Linen = Base 

Bioactive crystals inside Emana® garment absorbs body heat and emits Infrared Rays which will interact with the body, stimulating the blood microcirculation, leading to a better performance and to skin care benefits.

* To obtain optimum results, it is necessary to use the piece with Emana® for at least 6 hours daily for 30 consecutive days. Please refer to size chart and ensure size and colour are correct before purchasing.

Product code: 50089

Size S
Color Black

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