Women of Pliē

We are women who want ALL women to feel great about themselves and unlock their true potential. We believe that by supporting, encouraging and learning from each other that is how, together we can achieve greatness.  

We aim to be more than just your everyday shapewear, we want women to feel their best and believe our products can help to bring support, confidence and comfort. And thus, Women of Pliē was born.

Through our platform we want to share stories of survival, resilience and empowerment to help us rise up and stand tall. We hope that we can encourage others to help build and empower those around them by creating awareness and being a safe space for everyone.

Come be a part of our community. We urge and invite all of you to come talk to us and share your experiences and journey. The beautiful thing about this is, you never know who you’re going to inspire!


#womenofplie #strongertogether

Click here to find out about the products that started it all, Emana Series & our Maternity series but don't forget to have a look at our whole collection to find just what you need.