Control Compression Line

The Control Compression is a post surgery product, with pieces developed in a stronger fabric for aesthetic purposes.

This is an important line as Plié in the medical environment is consensus. No other company exceeds its quality and technological differential.It is highly recommended by the doctors to use the Control Compression line after plastic surgeries. These compression garments will help to promote healthy support and retention of the tissues. 

All Plié garments are made with latest tubular machines, which allows altering the elasticity of the fabric, and offers an elasticity of almost 12cm.

Its different regulated compression points allow a 100% memory on the garments.
the fibers used in our products allow:

•Transpiration and Thermoregulation: the nylon microfiber 6.6 allows greater freshness and efficient moisture management, and keeps the user dry for a longer time, they are also hypoallergenic.

•Comfort: NILIT Nylon 6.6 microfibers are flexible, soft and hydrated, providing superior comfort to the user, who can use them for a long time and feel good.

•Durability: Nylon 6.6 has good toughness, less pilling and better abrasion resistance, lasts longer and looks good even after many washes.

•Anti-odor: Nylon 6.6 eliminates the proliferation of bacteria that cause bad odors, making the user feel fresh even if he wears a garment all day.

•Safety: NILIT Nylon 6.6 yarn are certified by Oeko-Tex 100 class 1, which means that the garment is safe for the skin and can even be worn by a baby.

In advance of consumer demands and the need for functionality, PLIÉ COMPRESSION offers superior garments that provide a better experience that makes the user feel good and look good.