Frequently Asked Questions

Plié is imported directly from Brazil. Plié Malaysia is the sole authorised distributor in the territory of Malaysia.

Do measure yourself and refer to the size charts for each product.

The delivery period will be according to the availability of the product purchased and usually it will be within 3-5 business days.

Discount coupon is a promotional tool, which is activated only when the site offers a specific promotion.

Apart from shaping the body, Plié also has many health benefits, such as improving blood circulation, improving menstruation, improving posture, stimulating collagen and other health benefits.

Plié will be more effective if used without underwear, because the Emana material will work directly on the skin without any other fabric obstruction. When Emana fabric touches the skin, it will produce a bio-crystal which delivers infrared waves to the skin, which functions to reduce cellulite, increase blood flow, soften the skin, increase collagen production, reduce varicose veins and scars, and other benefits.

But if it's not comfortable to wear Plié without underwear, that's fine too. Plié will also remain effective, just not as much as without underwear. During menstruation, it is still advisable to wear underwear and pads.

It is recommended to wear Emana as soon as you feel comfortable after vaginal birth and at least 2 weeks after C-section.

We recommend using Plié for at least 8 hours. Plié can also be worn while sleeping. The material is comfortable, feels light and does not create heat.

- Do not use bleach detergents.

- Washed by hand like underwear in general.

- Don't iron it.

- Wash using cold or lukewarm water.

- Use a mild detergent (such as baby laundry soap)

- Do not expose to direct sunlight when drying

The Transfixed Hygienic opening is located close to the crotch. The holes are not torn, pitted, damaged, defective or not sewn. The hole is easy access to urinate. So it will be easier to urinate, no need to raise and lower the Plié leggings.

The Transfixed Hygienic opening is made on the side so that when you use it, you don't see the Miss V part so that it remains safe and comfortable. The way to use the easy access hole is by being slightly pulled in the middle and widened when urinating. Pulled slowly so that it is torn.

Emana Series: High Waist Short

Control Series: High Waist Cyclist, Double High Waist Short, Body Shorts

No. After the order is closed, these changes cannot be made.

Yes, it is safe, the site pliemalaysia.com guarantees the protection of its users and has the SSL Digital Certificate of Advanced Validation. The Site Shield certificate also guarantees the user that their information and transactions will be encrypted, stored and protected at the time of purchase.

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